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Thervade is the fourth planet from the sun beyond the Ocean Veil. Like Earth, the majority of the planet is covered by water, and its polar regions are dominated by floating and pack ice. Unlike Earth, Thervade follows a twelve-month calendar of 375 days. It is theorized as either the origin or primary harbor of the Void.

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    • Sparrow's Lullaby

    • A Bite this Deep

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Thervade Large Map.png

Mapped continents of Thervade

Paramir Calendar.png

Paramiran calendar, showing the twelve-month cycle of a year

Thervade Novels

A Bite this Deep

Nine years ago, Dresgar witnessed her family’s murder. The man responsible, tattooed in red across the knuckles, vanished without a trace. 

Nine years ago, Dresgar struck a deal with a bitterbite—a dreaded tradesman of magic and merchandise—for help in pursuing her family’s killer. Instead, she became chained to his bidding deep within the northern city of Waergradt, locked into a mission as likely to kill her as free her. The resulting fallout forced both her and the bitterbite to flee, but in separate directions, and Dresgar never looked back.

Nine years seems long ago until Dresgar encounters a stranger with red knuckles, reminding her that blood justice runs deep in the north. Confronted by a history of violence and promises, she demands answers, yet isn’t prepared for her entire past to come knocking.

Folk wisdom says that a bitterbite never forgets and should never be trusted, but circumstance can create strange bedfellows. In Dresgar’s case, a mutual appetite for revenge might make for the strangest ones yet.

*Note: This novel has not been published. Only the excerpt is publicly available.

Thervade Novels
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