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About Janessa

Janessa Mulepati is a writer and artist whose creations often include elements of fantasy and horror. You can find her short stories and flash fiction in PIF Magazine, The Arcanist, Ghost Parachute, Haunted Waters Press, and Luna Station Quarterly. Her artwork has been published in Coffin Bell and Driftwood Press.


Information about three novel manuscripts (At this Elevation, A Bite this Deep, and An Intimacy of Bones) is available for your enjoyment while Janessa works on the next novel. Without ongoing writing projects, she might die. Her first novel, Sparrow's Lullaby, received the Dean's Prize for Outstanding A.L.M. Thesis (Creative Writing and Literature) at the Harvard Extension School, May 2021.

Read her Harvard Extension advice here.

Janessa is represented by Valerie Noble at the Donaghy Literary Group.

Fun facts: Introvert. Chaotic good. Jhol with the momos. She loves reading horror, but passes out over wounds and medical items in real life. She once fainted from thinking about a cannonball hitting her.

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